Ukraine’s public debt: how much and to whom should every Ukrainian

Of this amount, approximately 60% – external borrowing. This corresponds to 47.2 billion, which is 2.6 times greater than the current level of foreign exchange reserves of the country.

As noted, at 47.2 billion included $ 9.6 billion of dollars of state-guaranteed debt, and the rest – direct debt of Ukraine in the form of Eurobonds (about 17.5 billion dollars, given the $ 3 billion “Russian” bonds, for which Ukraine defaulted), as well as loans from international organizations (16.6 billion dollars, including bonds, placed under the guarantee of the U.S.) and other debt ($3.5 billion).

Approximately $ 4.3 billion is domestic borrowing in foreign currency (so called currency government bonds — bonds of domestic government loan).

It should be noted that not all foreign currency borrowings are on the shoulders of the government. Approximately 6.8 billion dollars – debt of the NBU to the IMF: this part of the debt has no direct effect on the budget, since the repayment of the money will be withdrawn from reserves.

However, the decline in reserves poses a risk to preserve financial stability of the country.

The debt in national currency – about 625 billion (government bonds), accounting for nearly 30% of total public debt.

More than half (56%) – in ownership of the national Bank (until the 2016 NBU financed hole in the state finances by buying government bonds from the Ministry of Finance, state banks, Naftogaz; such a hidden issue of the hryvnia led to the accumulation of imbalances that eventually led to inflation and devaluation).

About a third of government bonds (36%) in the ownership of the state banks (the lion’s share was issued for the recapitalization of these banks), the rest (8%) held by commercial banks, Ukrainian physical persons and legal companies and also non-residents.

In the coming months, Ukraine is waiting for the peak payments on debt: the government will have to return almost $ 10 billion of foreign currency debt only.

The national debt is money, which every Ukrainian: approximately $ 1,800, according to the article.

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