Ukraine the priorities of the US and NATO − Poroshenko


President Petro Poroshenko said on air of the ICTV, Ukraine remains in the priorities of NATO and the United States.

“Based on my meeting with trump , which was held on the eve of the summit Ukraine-NATO, based on the documents of the NATO summit, where there is including the signature of the American President Donald trump, Ukraine was and remains among the top priorities for both NATO and the United States.”, − said the head of state.

He also stressed that the U.S. leader maintains its position on the illegality of the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

“It is good that the President trump didn’t hand in any position on the Ukraine… For example, whose Crimea”, − said Poroshenko.

“Remember Putin’s response? He’s funny, I don’t think everyone noticed it, but Putin said: we are Russians, held a referendum and seized it. Or Ukrainians, or the Ukrainian government or the Ukrainian people, and they held a referendum. This is another convincing proof of the illegal annexation”, − said the President.

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