Ukraine placed government bonds for 725 million dollars

Ukraine entered the international capital market with the private placement, the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

“The Ministry of Finance made a private placement of short-term bonds issued maturing in 2019 at $ 725 million. The bonds were placed among the leading international investors, providing financial support to Ukraine, given the instability of the international capital market for developing countries. This operation allows Ukraine to meet its short-term need for foreign exchange liquidity and to benefit from flexible conditions of attracting funds,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the Ministry of Finance continues to implement the strategy of public debt management, and plans to fully implement the plan of state foreign borrowings by attracting funds from both commercial and official creditors.

“The Ministry of Finance will continue to actively monitor market conditions and implement internal plans of borrowing. The Ukrainian government expects the forthcoming visit of the IMF mission in Kiev in the period from 6 to 19 September to discuss recent economic developments and economic policy and next steps”, – the Ministry added.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry has placed at auction of the government bonds internal loan – the total amount of the outstanding securities amounted to 1,596 billion.

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