Tretyakov intends to withdraw from the coalition.


The Deputy from BPP, head of the Committee on veterans ‘ Affairs, combatants, participants of the ATO and of people with disabilities Alexander Tretyakov ready to leave the coalition.

He wrote in Facebook that the reason for this is the inaction of the authorities concerning social protection of veterans, participants of the ATO and the participants of revolution of Dignity.

Tretyakov noted that at the February 7 meeting of the Committee on veterans ‘ Affairs, combatants, participants of the ATO and of people with disabilities has considered the question of increasing pensions to former servicemen, as well as the question of the adoption of the Cabinet legislation necessary for strengthening social protection of the ATO participants of the revolution of Dignity and the members of the families of the victims.

“To the law No. 2203, entered into force on time, 24 February 2018, the Cabinet must adopt 13 regulations. How many accepted? Zero”, – outraged MP.

“The question of the establishment of the Ministry of veterans Affairs, which would assume responsibility for ensuring social protection, also remains in limbo”, he added.

Tretyakov appealed to the representatives of the Executive power – Cabinet of Ministers, the Prime Minister and the relevant Minister of social policy, which is subordinate to the state service for veterans and participants of ATO:

“During the work of the head of the Committee, I’m tired of hearing the complaints about the fact that it is not within the competence of our Committee and my as the people’s Deputy. Tired from month to month, from year to year, as MP, to listen to the complaints about the inaction of the Executive authorities and coordinate the work of Executive authorities in making specific decisions concerning the social protection of veterans.”

“We are part of the work is done efficiently, as evidenced by the number of prepared draft laws, enacted laws that relate to the competence of our Committee. Complexity and inaction starts at the stage of actual implementation”, – said the Deputy.

“I am ready to leave the coalition, because can no longer tolerate and be a member, responsible for this inaction. Or let the Executive authorities are also responsible as members of the same coalition, for their actions,” warned Tretyakov.

He intends to ask the party to support his withdrawal from the coalition. “If the faction will not support, I am ready to quit the faction” – said Tretyakov.

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