Tomorrow the Governor of the Cake will start a global “cut” Chernigov forests



The list of topics scheduled for consideration at the next session of the Chernihiv regional Council tomorrow, July 4, 2018, the issue of establishing Supervisory boards in KP “Carnegiehall” at the moment. It will be in the agenda tomorrow, just before the session. In order not to frighten the local GSS, which Governor Valery Kulich at the time of their creation promised to join the next forest. Curiously, the bulk of the promised’ve been waiting for years, but just before the dismissal of the regional Council decided to revert to this question. However, not to match words with deeds. The creation of Supervisory boards “Carnegiehall” is a clear step towards privatization and the subsequent plunder of forests. There is no doubt that today’s vote will open a completely predictable fixed between the Cake, the bloc and the radicals. Since to grab a couple of hectares of forest before leaving the Governor’s chair – a sacred thing, and it can be exercised only if the appropriate quorum. Only here if it will never see the position of their forests. It is curious, whether will swallow masses of this fact or continue to defend its interests under the new Governor?

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