Today the demand for quality events clearly above suggestions, Maxim Plahtiy


So assess the situation on the market of show-business the founder of the ticketing service Maxim Plahtiy in the panel discussion on Event Industry Forum in Lviv.

“Over the last few years have seen a radical transformation of the market, – he stated Plahtiy. We’re constantly faced with the fact that can see everything, to understand everything, but I can’t make predictions. We see that Jiji collects halls, which had not previously imagined. We see five “Palaces in Ukraine” Tina Karol. Therefore, all that remains to be explored. It is interesting to understand, what is the market growth that we have seen in recent years. Whether this alignment due to the currency difference. Whether the country is really recovering from the crisis and people have money for entertainment. Or maybe people are just tired and want to see something new. In any case, it is possible to state the following: today the demand for quality events is significantly higher offers”.

Event Industry Forum – the first in Ukraine event organized by the professionals of the event industry for these same professionals to exchange experience, study the market and the formation of trends. The forum was held in Lviv gathered more than 200 participants.


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