To sell e-tickets can any website – Maxim Plahtiy

Maxim Plahtiy photo

Maxim Plahtiy (photo)

Electronic ticket for buyer to purchase it in seconds. People quickly got used to it and already use this service. In Agency it happened in one moment cancelled all paper forms and began to use e-tickets. In the field of theatre, show-business, variety of recreational activities it was harder to do, yet still managed to affect a change in consumer habits.

“Now the infrastructure is organized and the main task is to attract partners to build a distribution network. Each site has the opportunity to engage in the business of selling tickets. When it was a private club, the quota for the sale of tickets was given. There was no infrastructure. The entrance to the market had a high “threshold” – it is necessary or to develop its own system, or buy a ready-made solution. Now everything is much simpler, anyone can sell tickets on your website connected to them,” – said Maxim Plahtiy


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