To go to the cashier for a ticket!

The founder of the ticketing Agency Karabas Maxim Plahtiy and his company first developed and introduced electronic concert tickets in Ukraine. Oddly enough, but even in these hard times that Ukraine is now experiencing, the expression “bread and circuses”, as always, important. Moreover, the more difficult the person with the bread, the more he wants to escape from the problems. And now he does not need to go specifically to the box office for a ticket, and you can get it from the comfort of home.

In 2014, the beginning of the year, the Agency sold over 2 billion in tickets to more than ten thousand entertainment events, including concerts, shows, theatrical performances, circus performances and festivals. Within three years, the Agency has become a national company, which unites more than 130 offices in different cities of Ukraine and implements 90% of all electronic tickets in the country.

Maxim Plahtiy KARABAS

In the photo: Maxim Plahtiy, Novatel ticketing Agency Karabas

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