The Ukrainian economy is growing is not enough — world Bank


After the shock period, triggered by the loss of the territory and the conflict in the East, the Ukrainian economy started to grow, but not enough.

In an interview for ZN.UA said the Vice-President of the world Bank Cyril Muller.

According to him, now all international partners, to help Ukraine to overcome the difficult period, working to the growth of the economy accelerated.

“This is one of our key objectives. We have started to deepen the country’s transformation to the pace of economic development increased, and the stabilization was noticeable not only at the macro level, but also at the level of ordinary citizens, that they felt that their life had improved. So now the relevant question of deepening economic changes,” — said the representative of the world Bank.

In his opinion, there are key reforms which should be a priority for the government. First, we are talking about complete the transformation of the energy sector. Secondly, it is impossible to stop the banking sector reforms. Of course, here the most relevant question now is reforming the state banks. Thirdly, one of the engines of economic growth should become a more productive agricultural sector.

“Ukraine has a very important asset — significant reserves of fertile land. We believe that in the world today there is a huge demand for agricultural products, particularly food products. Ukraine can become one of the world leaders in this market”, — said Muller.

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