The Ukrainian Deputy can take away the plant in Belarus


The Belarusian authorities want to nationalize the Orsha aircraft repair plant, 60% of which belongs to President of the company “Motor Sich”, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vyacheslav Boguslaev.

About it writes “Belarusian partisan”.

As noted, this week on the negotiations Boguslayev in the Administration of the President of Belarus will be decided on what conditions the businessman comes out of capital Orsha aircraft repair plant.

“Deposit” the Belarusian authorities have remained private jet Boguslayev, where last week he flew to Orsha meeting of the shareholders of the Belarusian enterprises”, – stated in the article.

According to sources, transferring his share of Belarus, “Motor Sich” can not only refuse financial claims to plant (worth approximately U.S. $ 19 million), but also to pay a “penalty” for failure to comply with obligations under the relevant investment agreement.

In early 2012, “Motor Sich” has bought about 60% stake in Orsha aircraft repair plant for RUB 12 billion, and the company “Systems of investment and innovation”, controlled by the Belarusian businessman Alexander garden, gave 8 billion for the remaining 40% stake.

“The partners promised to upgrade the enterprise, to load his orders, and to invest in the social infrastructure of the settlement of bolbasovo where the plant is located. As new areas were registered airline “Orsha air” and began training on development-based airport logistics complex”, – writes the edition.

The Prosecutor’s office began checking the reasons for the failure of the prisoner in 2012 investdogovora the main shareholders of the plant.

Commenting on the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” started checking Boguslaev stated that it may be associated with a possible change of the investor of the Belarusian enterprises.

“Today we are negotiating on changing the Belarusian shareholder, OARS,” said the President of “Motor Sich”, but did not specify details of negotiations.

“The investor refused to perform their part of the investment obligations. Because of this, all the “fuss” he said, adding: “Its part of the investment commitments as at today “Motor Sich” met 110%”.

“April 27 we held a meeting of shareholders for OARS. The results of the work the Belarusian enterprise, against failure for the helicopter manufacturing market in 2017, when the market fell, can be called successful: the company ended the year with a profit,” he added.

Commenting on the announced media information about allegedly preparing for the Belarusian authorities the transfer of a controlling stake in JSC “OARS” Belarusian state enterprise “Bezpecnostnich”, Boguslayev said, “I don’t know how it is: pick up and take away. On the market you can only buy or redeem. Running the entire Europe. Need to pay off the shareholders”.

In this regard, the President “Motor Sich” said that since the acquisition in 2012 of a controlling stake in OURS, at the time distressed and exhibited by the authorities of Belarus on privatization of enterprises “Motor Sich” has invested in the development of aviaremzavod significant investment. “Over the years we have invested in the plant in different forms $ 20 million, and, in fact, raised it from the ruins,” said he.

Orsha aircraft repair plant was founded in 1941, incorporated in 2009. The company performs overhaul of various modifications of Mi-8 (Mi-17), Mi-24 (Mi-35).

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