The signing of the Agreement on free trade zone with the EU – new opportunities for Ukrainian producers


“The main achievement, which boasts Ukraine is the signing of the Agreement on free trade zone with the EU. Its entry into full force actually opens for Ukrainian producers to the huge market of the European Union. Free access to it, and the availability of highly qualified specialists in the industrial sector make Ukraine a promising platform for the creation of new capacities targeting Europe, – said General Director of IC Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa. – The land is fertile, the labour force although inefficient, but cheap. In other words, Ukraine could become a springboard for any Eastern manufacturer who wants to conquer the European market”, – said Igor Mazepa.

And while Oriental investors only look to such opportunities, some Western manufacturers are already actively using “open window”. So, the largest manufacturers in Europe, including BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel, Renault, do not stop the Ukrainian cable-Explorer products, electronics and acoustic systems.

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