The schedule of payments on state debt of Ukraine

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has announced a schedule of expected payments on external public debt for the period to 2023 as at the end of may this year.

So, in the current year payments amount to 3.4 billion dollars, of which service – $ 1.5 billion and repayment of principal international financial institutions (IFIs) and us $ 1.9 billion.

In 2019, the payments increase to $ 5 billion, including the service – up to $ 1.6 billion. On repayment of the principal debt to an MFI has to go $ 1.6 billion, before the holders of notes and 1.7 billion dollars, the creditor countries – 0.2 billion dollars.

According to the schedule of external payments reached a peak in 2020: percent – $ 1.5 billion, the MFI of 1.8 billion Eurobonds – $ 2.4 billion, official loans – 0.2 billion dollars.

In the next three years expenditure on foreign debt will be gradually reduced: 2021 – 5 billion dollars, 2022 – $ 4.1 billion and 2023 – $ 4 billion.

The Finance Ministry has noted that given the internal in General, payments on the public debt at the end of may this year was estimated this year at 11.4 billion dollars (the domestic public debt service is $ 2.7 billion, the repayment of 5.3 billion dollars) in 2019, and 10.8 billion ($2.5 billion and us $ 3.3 billion) in 2020 and 9.1 billion dollars (the domestic public debt service – $ 1.9 billion, the repayment of 1.4 billion dollars).

Earlier it was reported that in July the national debt of Ukraine decreased by 0.7 %, or of 0.59 billion dollars to 75,71 billion. To cover the payment of the national debt, every Ukrainian has to chip in $ 1,800.

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