The rally outside the Parliament: the Number of victims has doubled


As a result of collisions under the Parliament building in Central Kiev, injured eight police officers and two protesters.

On Tuesday, June 19, announced the chief of the Metropolitan police Andrey Krishchenko, reports 112 Ukraina.

Earlier it was reported about five victims of the police.

“Eight policemen asked for help. Civil, according to information from doctors, while two of them, also minor scratches. The police also minor injuries and splashed with gas,” said Krishchenko.

He said that in fact riot police detained two people. One of them was missing a police officer on the gear and tried to snatch it down.

Order in the capital centre the following is about five hundred law enforcement officers, a dozen of the security forces guarding the building of Pechersk police Department.

“The maximum number of participants, according to our information, when the event started, when I tried to go to the Verkhovna Rada, it was around 2 thousand”, – said the police.

Recall that in the meeting at Parliament was attended by the veterans of the Afghan war and the mine workers, who demanded the preservation of their privileges. At the moment, the protesters dispersed.



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