The Prosecutor has finished investigation on the case of Ruban.


The General Prosecutor of Ukraine completed pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings against people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko and Director of the Center for the release of the Officer corps prisoners of Vladimir Ruban.

On Wednesday, August 1, reports UNN with reference to the lawyer Ruban Valentina Rybina.

“We were told on Monday that the pretrial investigation is complete, and completed it on Monday. The materials of preliminary investigation will give us 13 Aug. While the materials we were provided”, – said the lawyer.

Rybin said that we are talking about criminal proceedings in relation to Ruban and Savchenko.

Answering the question about why the case file needs to provide for review only August 13, the lawyer said, “actually, it’s a Novella, because after receiving the message about completion of pre-trial investigation, the defense may at any time to get acquainted with the materials of production.”

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