The Prosecutor General is dissatisfied with the President communicated with the people

President Petro Poroshenko often enough to communicate with people. About it in interview to the Ukrainian truth, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

So he answered the request to name “the biggest disadvantage is Poroshenko” as the head of state.

8 August 2018, 18:47

“I think the President needs to frequently communicate with people. Lately I don’t hear his dialogue with the people. I told him about it, so I can repeat here. In my understanding the President is in any case a leader,” – said Lutsenko.

He added that the head of state should explain to the people, “where are we, why it happened, where are we going and how do we do that”.

At the same time, the head of the GPU I am sure that Poroshenko will definitely run for a second term.

According to him, during the election campaign Poroshenko will record in their contribution to the restoration of the Armed forces, the creation of an international front against Russia, steps towards integration into the EU and NATO. He also noted that he believes in a possible victory of Poroshenko in the elections.

“Peter definitely will go to the presidential election, and definitely will offer to elect him President to continue his mission on the main functions of the head of state,” – said Lutsenko.

Previously associate consultant Richard gates said that Manafort worked with Poroshenko during the presidential campaign of 2014, but the services have not been paid in full. The AP said that the offers of cooperation received, but was not considered.

This information interested the detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau.

Note, Poroshenko still has not announced his participation in presidential elections of 2019.

According to recent polls, Poroshenko does not fall in the top three electoral sympathies of Ukrainians.

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