The polygraph confirmed that Savchenko was preparing a terrorist attack


The results of the research on the polygraph has shown that the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko was preparing terrorist attacks in the government quarter and Parliament building.

On Monday, June 4, the press service of the SBU.

It is noted that we are talking about the polygraph study, which took place on April 11.

The MP was asked a series of questions about whether she was preparing violent actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order, devised plans of terrorist attacks and attacks on the lives of the leaders of the country, attracted to these plans of other people and so on.

It is noted that if the answer to all these questions Savchenko was recorded positive psycho-physical reaction, indicating her involvement in these actions.

“The results of this study the Commission of experts provided definitive conclusions about the presence of Savchenko N. In. positive psycho-physiological reactions, which indicate, in particular, about the fact that Savchenko N. In. discussed plans for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order, was involved in illegal activities to overthrow the constitutional system and personally trained the violent overthrow of the constitutional order. Savchenko N. In. also discussed plans for armed seizure of power and was involved in preparing an armed seizure of power, for the purpose of violent overthrow of the constitutional order and seizure of state power were looking for and were carrying weapons,” – stated in the message.

The defense also put Savchenko questions. However, experts have not found a favourable psycho-physiological reactions.

In particular, it was not confirming the response to the questions: did Savchenko N. In. to change the power in Ukraine is the constitutional way, whether it considers the activities of the President, MPs, Prime Minister, Secretary of the national security Council, members of the Cabinet criminal.

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