The poet Boris Kherson spoke in support of the new law on the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian poet Boris Kherson said that he considers “necessary” the law about the Ukrainian language, however, believes that the joy of adoption is the “taste vengeance”. About this he wrote on his Facebook page.

“All repressions against Ukrainian were in vain. The language survived, he lives and gets a new development thanks to the famous figures of the new Ukrainian culture. Let me say – the activities of these people contributes to the occupation of a worthy place in the Ukrainian times more than the forced conversation in supermarkets”, – said Boris Kherson.

He noticed that the Russian will still exist in Ukraine.

“It seems to me that, despite the laws, the same thing will happen with the Russian – it will exist in Ukraine, as it exists in immigrant environments around the world. So there is a Ukrainian language, say, in Canada or in the United States,” – said the poet.

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