The Parliament introduced a package of anti-tobacco bills

The changes the MPs propose to make the bills №9056, №9057, №9058, №9059 and No. 9060, registered in the Parliament on 6 September.

According to the documents, e-cigarettes will be included in the list of tobacco products and e – liquid for electronic cigarettes- in the list of excisable.

So, the bills establish a ban on the use, sponsorship, advertising and promotion of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products for electric heating at the level of traditional tobacco.

Tax rate-nicotine liquid for electronic cigarettes is proposed to establish at the level of 10 UAH/1 ml, and the minimum excise obligation – 11 UAH/1 ml.

Rate of excise duty on electronic cigarettes in 2018 offers level 577,98 grn/1 thousand pieces, with an annual increase of 20% to 2071 UAH in 2025.

The minimum excise obligation for electronic cigarettes in 2018 should be 773,2 grn/1 thousand pieces with an increase of 20% to 2770,5 grn/1 thousand pieces in 2025.

In addition, the deputies propose to raise the customs tariffs on Tabacalera cigars and cigarillos in packs of 20 pieces with 10% to 15%, as well as set the duty on electronic cigarettes at the level of EUR8/1 thousand pieces, and the liquid for electronic cigarettes – 10%.

The bills also propose to ban the production and sale of tobacco products containing ammonia, ammonium and urea, or a combination.

In addition, the deputies want to increase the ad valorem rate of excise duty on cigarettes from 12% to 16%, and the amount of excise tax to increase by 189 UAH. In the case of failure by the producer or importer of the calculation formula of the excise tax will be applied to it the factor of 1.3.

Recall the tobacco market in Ukraine decreased by 9.9% for the first half of 2018.

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