The official premiere lit up in major schemes at customs: Groisman I was appointed


Surfaced new scheme of corruption at customs, which protect high-ranking officials

It became known that in Volyn custom thriving criminal scheme of illegal customs clearance of the cargo van under the guise of a passenger. In addition, for the importation of prohibited cars with engines of Euro-3, year of manufacture of some cars is changed to younger.

The evidence of such fraud came to the Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky.

According to the paper, only the first three months of 2018 under this scheme has been cleared by the 24 truck bus and bus.

According to Dubinsky, the scheme deystvuyet at Volyn customs since January this year. And it revolves around the business associated with the conversion cargo van to passenger.

The fact that in 2009 in Ukraine the Cabinet of Ministers about the ban of the use of buses for passenger transport that were converted from cargo.

Until 2009, it was very popular to import cheap truck from EU to punch him in the window, install the seats and replace the log on a passenger bus.

This theme was built a huge business, because the truck is much cheaper bus as the purchase and customs clearance. Such conversion saves up to 10,000 Euros in comparison with if from to bring the bus.

But since 2009 it is legal to turn a double truck in 17 or 22 seater bus will not succeed. Such a vehicle, the DMV will not put on the account and registration no will be given.

The decision of the question of how to circumvent the law and for cheap to turn the truck into the bus, suddenly found in Volyn custom in 2018.

According to Dubinsky, the head of customs Victor Krivitsky personally gave a secret order for the adoption of the customs clearance of trucks with fake documents.

The scheme looks so.

You buy in the EU freight double Mercedes Sprinter 2013 issue of the 12-13, 000 Euros, he made a fake birth certificate and a certificate stating that he is of the passenger seats 22 and year not 2013 and 2015.

With this set of forged documents when you arrive at one of the customs posts customs Volyn “Lutsk”, “Kovel”, or “Yagodyn” customs officers, seeing that the car is not a passenger and cargo, and not even checking the release year clearing it.

Place your documents on a cargo of beads as on a passenger bus, you get a Ukrainian certificate in which is stated that your truck or bus – is a bus with 22 seats.

In fact, this scheme of circumventing the ban on the conversion of freight cars in passenger. After all the fake documents you have imported the alleged bus which, after customs clearance and obtaining Ukrainian registration certificate to become conditionally legal.

Then you quietly go to the shop, where you artisanal way theoretical bus converted into practical reality. That is bolted to the interior of the seat, punch the window and make the lining. In fact – it is a criminal action, because the safety of the passengers in this bus there is no guarantee and when a glass or a chair will come off no one knows.

The demand for such buses in the country is huge, because since 2009 it is not particularly updated. On the resale of such “Peredelkino” can earn about 7-8, 000 Euros net.

According to sources Dubinsky, the order to take these cars to “work” launched at all customs posts of the office of the head of the Volyn customs of Victor Krivitsky.

According to an unofficial “price list” for each vehicle basically it is a Mercedes Sprinter customs formalizing the truck takes driver 2000 Euros. 500 of them remains on duty, 1500 is passed to the chief of customs. With whom he divides, is not known.

As noted by Dubinsky, Krivitsky who was appointed to this post in the fall of 2016 personally Volodymyr Groisman from the beginning of their work falls into various corruption scandals.


In March 2017 his subordinates at the checkpoint “Yagodin” happen to notice the ship’s cannon, which was detained by the poles.

It is noted that in June 2017 the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko even announced the arrest of “black cash” Volyn customs, and then even resulted in the arrest of Victor Krivitsky, but apparently even he Volynsk customs was not too tough.

In private conversations unsinkable Krivitsky customs attributed to the fact that he, being a native of Vinnitsa is close to the Prime Minister Groisman. Even V. O. SFS Head Miroslav Sold Krivitsky does not have any effect.

“Groysman nominated me and only Groysman me off. Do not try, will not leave” — has repeatedly said he is in conversation with their colleagues.

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