The network is raging because of the “noble gesture” of Ukrainian officials


Ukrainian officials should pay more attention to the situation of citizens of the country and only then try to help others

The Ukrainians responded to a report that the Ukrainian diplomats will hold a rally on assistance to the countries of Africa and Asia, who are more likely to suffer from hunger.

As evidenced by exclusive comments Politeka, the Ukrainians reminded politicians about the terrible situation of the citizens of our state.

“And your people the state is not going to help? Rates will rise, drugs for exorbitant prices, children dying from cancer, pensioners who can’t afford anything! And the President and his henchmen to divide the loans, nothing will be wasted! Who else can we feed?”, “How’s this Savok Soviet times tired. Help everyone except the people of their country. How many in Ukraine orphanages. Boarding schools. Seniors singles. Means for Ponta and of the international rating they have. But the resources within the state to help them,” – said in the comments.

However, others are convinced that the Ukrainian officials will not wait for no one. Such statements of officials believe a PR.

“It is written “symbolic support” that is a card with a sympathetic text or video message with a wish to hold on and wait for better times, or something like that. Better, I think, their “noble” the heart is not capable! PR! PR! and more!”, “We have thousands of senior citizens are starving and can’t cope, and they will help Africa, it would be this: at our expense buy humanitarian aid for UAH 100, will send by UAH 10, UAH 110 and that humanitarian aid sell our retired bitch”, “Creature, with its help”, “This is fucked up… you fuck*ing in the ass sitting… but all consistently help… Just came to power debili….”, – note the Ukrainians.

Recall, according to the report prepared for the UN security Council in occupied regions of Ukraine, as in many African countries, there is shortage of food.

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