The national Bank has called the most important banks


The national Bank of Ukraine has named the banks, bankruptcy or improper functioning of which might create systemic risks for the financial system of the country.

This was reported on the official website of the national Bank.

As noted, the list for 2018 included the three largest national Bank of Ukraine: PrivatBank, Ukreximbank and Oschadbank.

This decision was made by resolution of the Board of the Central Bank No. 161-rsh dated March 20, 2018. These banks had the status of a systemically important during the last two years.

To systemically important banks, the national Bank may apply the enhanced prudential requirements, in particular the increased liquidity and capital. This corresponds to the generally accepted world practice.

The status of systemically important defines a special regime of supervision over the Bank. The procedure for determining systemically important banks on the basis of the regulations approved by the NBU Board resolution dated December 25, 2014 No. 863.

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