The Minister Zhdanov doubled his salary, scheme uncovered


Became aware of the wages received by the Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov in January 2018.

According to the reply of the Ministry of youth and sports on the request of journalists, the salary Zhdanov was estimated at 29.8 thousand hryvnias, his deputies – from 36,5 thousand to 75.9 thousand hryvnia, Secretary of state of the Ministry – 16 thousand hryvnias.

Most of all, the Ministry received Deputy Minister for European integration, Mykola Movchan – 75,9 thousand UAH.

The amount accrued Zhdanov in January, compared with 29 772,42 hryvnia, of which salary amounted to UAH 11 428,57, allowance for years of service – 2 742,86 hryvnia, additional payment for work under restrictions – 2 285,71 hryvnia, indexation 239,13 hryvnia. But to almost double the wages was due to the holiday – 13 076,15 hryvnia.

The amount of the withheld taxes amounted to 5 805,63 hryvnias, and the actual amount received by the Minister – 23 966,79 hryvnia.

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