The Minister Petrenko accounts in 3 banks and cash, but the apartment he rents


The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko rents an apartment in Kiev, and the car having account in three banks.

This is evidenced by his electronic Declaration in 2017, the head of the Ministry of justice filed March 18.

Pavel Petrenko in Kiev region owns land in Stari bezradychi area of 29 thousand sq m (March 2008), and in Novi Petrivtsi half sister Oksana has 1497 sq m of land (August 2013).

From 1 March 2017 Paul Smith rents an apartment in Kiev area of 150,8 sq m of the foreigner and Christopher Brian Davidson Smith. Thus was a Minister in the sister’s area of 60.5 sq m with no right of abode there (with 18.11.2016).

Pavel Petrenko owns the car Volkswagen Golf (2007) and rent a Toyota Camry (2013) at LLC “Attorney company “MLGROUP”.

The salary of a Minister for the last year amounted to 580 248 hryvnia (more than 43 thousand hryvnia per month). In addition, last year, he received 2.1 million from the alienation of movable property.

Cash Pavlo Petrenko holds 465 thousand dollars, 80 thousand Euro and 100 thousand hryvnia.

He has accounts in banks: PJSC “Reigning deposits Bank of Ukraine” – 994 885 $ 2 122 632 UAH; PJSC “Bank “Sofiyskiy” – 1 of 935 $ and 50 hryvnia, in “PrivatBank” 353 EUR 7 069 hryvnia and us $ 6. With 2015 deposits Petrenko grew up in Oshchadbank, PrivatBank decreased.

For 2017 Petrenko received 1 672 715 hryvnia as interest from the Bank. From 1 January 2018, the Minister received there’s still 363 151 hryvnia percent.

The values Petrenko declared that the two pictures are two icons, a collection of 16 prints, two pairs men’s watches – Ulysse Nardin watches and Perrelet.

Pavel Petrenko also has a quarter of trademark rights.

Last summer, the National Agency for prevention of corruption found three discrepancies of data in the Declaration Petrenko in 2015.

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