The lawyers of Yanukovych was caught in a lie


The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said the former acting defense Minister Igor Tenyukh, who accused him of the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Crimea.

Statement Tenyukh that Poltorak and Pashinsky initiated the withdrawal of Ukraine from the Crimea, the Minister noted, suggests that he was scared.

“I don’t know how this Protocol (interrogation – ed) true. If it is true and such testimony God gave Tenyukh, in my opinion, this suggests that Mr Tenyukh was so scared, didn’t know where he is, who which office is, didn’t understand what it does, because a review is generally inadequate”, the Minister said.

Tenyukh even confused the facts, because Poltorak at the time was not chief of the National guard.

“At the time of the decision on the withdrawal of military formations of armed forces from Crimea, I was not even the commander of the national guard. I was appointed on 15 April 2014. A member of the national security Council I became 27 Oct 2014, when I became the Minister of defence. I was not even a member of the national security Council. I don’t know how I could influence the order of withdrawal of troops from Crimea. I have no decision in that regard was not accepted”, – said the Poltorak.

The Minister also noted that it had not initiated the withdrawal of troops. And the order he made, when he took the decision on the withdrawal of all security forces from the Crimea.

“Only after the decision was made by the country’s leadership on the withdrawal from the Crimea of all forces, the National guard complied with this order and I, as acting commander of the national guard, because it is a pure lie Mr Tenyukh, if he said,” – he said.

Recall from the materials of interrogation of Igor Tenyukh follows that the alleged decision on the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Crimea was made during a meeting of the Council of national security and defense at the initiative of the then head of the presidential Administration Sergei Pashinsky and the head of nazvanii Stepan Poltorak. For version immediately seized on the lawyers of the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych.

Source: channel 112

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