The law on the anti-corruption court entered into force


In Ukraine, Thursday, June 14, entered into force the law On Higher anti-corruption court. The day before he was published in the official newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada, Holos Ukrainy, and on the day after publication, the law takes effect.

Anti-corruption court will begin work after the appointment the results of the competition not less than 35 judges, at least 10 of which must be judges of the Appeals chamber. Limit the number of judges will be determined later.

The anti-corruption court will have jurisdiction over criminal proceedings for corruption crimes, under investigation by the National anti-corruption Bureau, only if the size of the subject of the offence or of the damage to 500 and more times exceeds the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons (at the moment – 881 thousand).

The law also provides for the establishment of the Public Council of international experts who will be able to veto candidates for judges of the Anticorruption court.

The Council is for a period of 6 years the High qualification Commission of judges (vkks) and its subsidiary body.

Board members are appointed on the basis of proposals of the international organizations with which Ukraine cooperates in the area of preventing and combating corruption under international treaties.

Members of the Public Council can be appointed the citizens of Ukraine or foreigners who have an impeccable business reputation, high professional and moral qualities, experience in other countries is not less than 5 years for procedural guidance or implement legal proceedings in cases of corruption.

Council members will receive remuneration in the amount of the basic salary of a judge of the Supreme Court (at the moment – 132.2 thousand hryvnia), as well as compensation for accommodation and travel (for non-resident in Ukraine).

The Council collects, verifies, and analyzes information about the candidates, and provides it to the Vienna Convention.

On the initiative of not less than 3 members of the Council shall be convened by the joint CCG meeting.

The decision on the candidate’s compliance with a requirement adopted by a majority of the total (16 – vkks 6 – Council of experts, for a total of 22), provided that for this decision voted at least half of the members of the Council (3 of 6).

There are additional security guarantees to the judges.

In particular, judges of the Anticorruption court, and, if necessary, to members of their families receive round the clock security from the service of judicial protection.

Housing judges are equipped with burglar alarm and panic button alarm.

Judge anti-corruption court may be the citizen of Ukraine who has experience as a judge, lawyer or academic experience (in aggregate – not less than 7 years).

Can’t be appointed by the judges of the Supreme court anti-corruption entity, which within the 10 years preceding the appointment, have worked in law enforcement (including NABU and SAP) or have held political office.

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