The head of “Kyivmiskbud” was recognized as one of the best managers of Ukraine


The Chairman of the Board – President of HC “Kyivmiskbud” Igor Kushnir recognized as one of the best top managers of Ukraine. The corresponding rating from 33 the best managers of the country was published by the edition “Focus”.

“Igor Kushnir runs a company with 63 years of history, which in 2017 was built almost 25% of housing capital”, – stated in the material.

In the words of Igor Kushnir, this result is a credit to the whole team of the Holding company. “There is a saying that the retinue plays the king. But to play it effectively, it is necessary to specify the direction and timely motivation. Then, when piled on all sides, had the opportunity, as in a book, spread your arms.



Team work is my opportunity to shrug. Indicate the direction of me, but leading me it’s the team. Undoubtedly, I am very pleased to be in this ranking. I am sure that the best results are still ahead”, – said Igor Kushnir. According to the organizers, the nomination process occurred in two stages. Was first identified the most important economic markets from the point of view of their contribution to the GDP of the state, then formed sector.

The expert respondents were also asked to name the most effective managers of this or that sphere and to justify why this particular person they think is best. Further, the organizers counted the points for each nominee, making it possible to identify the best managers.

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