The Granovsky, a few months forbidden to enter the GPU.

“There is no politician who can boast that he worked out the question… No, or rather bragging, but then I am very sorry. All the legends about Granovsky and Kononenko who are still “reshalami” listed…” – said Lutsenko.

At the same time, he explains that the powers of the Granovsky as MP allow him to meet with prosecutors:

“Of course, he can meet with prosecutors … Has the right. The people’s choice… sometimes I’ll hear about it. This is very bad ends,” said the attorney General.

“I told him. There was even a couple of months when he was forbidden to enter the premises… Taught. It’s OK,” he said.

To the question, what Granovsky with prosecutors says, Lutsenko said: “Ask them.”

On specifying question the head of the GPU said the following:

“They talk about the same thing that rush was talking about the meeting with Poroshenko. “Discuss laws.” I do not like it. But his influence on the GPU, as I was taught in school, “tends to zero”.

“I’m sorry, but when the Prosecutor seizes on the objects, despite some of these meetings, for me this is the best answer, than anything else,” says Lutsenko.

The Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky called the “curator of the President in the courts and prosecutors,” though it is up to the 2018 not had a legal education.

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