The GPU has resumed proceedings against the owner of the trademark Symbol


Reporters learned that on April 25 the GPU once again opened the proceedings on the “evasion of VAT” vs Kharkiv businesswoman Olga Fedorova. We should note that it happened after April 2, the investigation of the State fiscal service of Ukraine closed the criminal proceedings in the absence of a criminal offence and sent the resolution to the Prosecutor.


For entrepreneurs who cooperate with TM “Symbol”, it means new searches, damages, and prosecution. “The resumption of the criminal proceedings is the loss of about 400 jobs, is the loss of millions of the state budget, which during the downtime the company will not receive taxes. But the Prosecutor General’s office didn’t care, she carries out orders, ” — said Olga Fyodorova in a telephone conversation with journalists.

Recall that case on evasion from payment of VAT against Olga Fedorova, the owner of the trademark “Symbol” was adopted in 2014. As pointed out by her lawyer, Anna Ponomarenko, in an extract from EGR, it was noted that Olga 2012-2014 intentionally evaded payment of VAT in especially large sizes in excess of 3.8 million UAH. Subsequently, the investigator ordered the test, which appeared in the act under which the conclusions of the tax authority accrued Fedorova VAT liabilities for a total amount of UAH 1 563 371., which in no way was justified and was abolished by the courts of three instances, including the Supreme administrative court.

But despite the decisions of the courts, under the same production, the entrepreneurs operating in the license agreements with TM “Symbol” conducted a series of illegal searches, seizure of goods and caused them significant damage.

The State fiscal service of Ukraine the situation with illegal searches in the framework of the criminal proceedings and unlawful seizure of goods commented as follows: “We will conduct an official investigation, the results we send you”. The newly appointed head of the investigation Department of financial investigations of the DFS Sergei Solodchenko, who promised to look into the matter. The result was the closure of criminal proceedings in connection with absence of structure of a criminal offense.

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