The GPU explained why he closed the case Kolobov


After 1.5 hours after the release of the material in edition pack called from the GPU and asked to be removed from a news paragraph about the revelatory testimony. The Prosecutor’s office argued the fact that they gave false information.

The Prosecutor General’s office explains the closure case against the ex-Finance Minister Yuri Kolobov suspected of embezzlement, the fact that he gave incriminating testimony, and ended the Statute of limitations.

This is stated in the answer of GPU to inquiry “Ukrainian truth”.

“During a pretrial investigation Kolobov was several times interrogated and during interrogation has given evidences exposing other participants of the crime, spoke about the circumstances of the crime, contributed to the body of a pretrial investigation”, – stated in the message.

The GPU added that the Minister confirmed the testimony of the polygraph.

“According to the forensic psychological examination (polygraph) Kolobov has entered into a criminal conspiracy with the purpose of taking possession, embezzlement of public funds, not possession and not wasting public money,” – said in response.

Thus, according to the GPU, the investigators came to the conclusion that Kolobov to the misappropriation of funds (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code) and aiding and abetting (5, article 27 of the criminal code) is not involved.

“So 16.11.2017 his actions were qualified under part 2 St. 367 criminal code of Ukraine (the office negligence which has entailed heavy consequences)”, – stated in the response to the request.

The next day – November 17 – the Prosecutor General’s office has received a request from the Minister on closing of criminal proceedings against him in connection with the expiration of the limitation period, which was granted.

And on 7 December 2017, the Prosecutor in criminal proceedings was sent to the Pechersk district court of Kiev a request for release of the Minister from criminal liability for “negligence” for consideration on the merits.

At the same time, the PGO added that the Institute of exemption from criminal responsibility is not decriminalized act, exempt a specific person from responsibility for his crime.

“Consequently, the exemption from criminal liability does not mean justification of a person or recognition of him innocent,” – said in response.

According to investigators, in 2012 from the state budget illegally allocated 220 million hryvnias for telecommunication networks of special purpose, which was subsequently commissioned.

30 Sep 2014 on the fact of illegal funding of the budget of telecommunication networks of special purpose Kolobova reported a suspicion under part 5 of article 27 (aiding and abetting), part 5 of article 191 (embezzlement) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

The Prosecutor General’s office took steps to extradite the Minister, but the court of Spain January 15, 2016, has decided that he is not subject to extradition to Ukraine.

The GPU also added that the losses are established in the criminal proceedings, in fact, the state is reimbursed, because the decision of the Kiev court property and 92,79% of stocks “Ukrtelecom” returned to the state, and built a telecommunication network for illegally allocated UAH 220 million is on the balance of “Ukrtelecom”.

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