The General Director of Concorde Capital: land reform will give a boost to GDP at the level of 4-5%


CEO of investment company Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa believes that land reform is able to give Ukraine the growth of GDP at 4-5%.

He said this at the eighth National expert forum of the Institute Gorshenin.

“We felt that the effect on GDP will be approximately 4-5% per year, if the change in underlying relation to the ordinary economic relations on the ground. When the earth will become a commodity when the earth will be the subject of a pledge, when the earth will be able to freely dispose of the people who own the land. Why, if I have a car, I can sell it, but if I have land, I will not be able to sell it?” said Mazepa.

The investment banker said that in the West money is not worth anything, banks and even pay extra for storage. Therefore, Ukraine can easily to rely on massive injections if will provide market conditions to investors.

“If you offer a normal market, things which long ago used to worldwide, used in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia – all the money will go and the country will change,” said Mazepa.

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