The entrepreneur, the businessman-restaurateur Mikhail BEILIN: How does the Ukrainian market in the segment

Mikhail Beilin presented the Ukrainian market in the segment and noted that it is still preferred in dollars, to make it more clear, because nobody knows what will happen with the hryvnia.
Street Foott: $ 2. the average person is about 22 %; QSR – 3 to 5 dollars. – 29 %; Fast Casual – around 10 dollars. (17 %); Casual Dining from 10 to 30 (23%); Fine Dining is more than 30 dollars. (9 %) – are in expensive food.
40,5 % lies in the segment of classic expensive restaurants – almost half from everything.
The specificity of our market: 5% of the population of our country can eat out (once a month or more). Our consumers are sensitive to money. The first thing you can remove is spending on a restaurant. Unfortunately, we have a crisis of professionals in this market. What a country this and product. In Ukraine, a large percentage of those who are working first year only – closes restaurants in new York – 17%, Manhattan – 27%; in Kiev – 50 %.
Entrepreneurs are not ready to competently do business in this difficult market. Nobody here praises the landlords, but the problem is not even that. Okay, they would be expensive, but the main drawback – they are not professional. Architects over the past 60 years just need to put in jail. Because it’s so bad to build, with rooms with a ceiling height of 3 meters on the first floor not with Windows, and with battlements, could only in our country.
Abroad even old buildings, 500 years ago built, have nice restaurants. We don’t have that. And our consumers want for their $ 10 to get three-star service, enjoy a good Burgundy and nasty to the waiter, not giving a tip.
– I morning reading the reports of our chain restaurants. Restaurants we have 12. This is the whole show. When I want to laugh, of course periodically nervous. Launched a very expensive restaurant. He is a successful. Traded expensive seafood. On average, 2900 UAH. 300 types of white wine, 50 types of champagne. Such restaurants even in Europe you can count on the fingers.
One example. Client x (it ate everything!) resented the fact that the fish was dry, the type of salmon it had previously been, in his words, is used. Knowing other restaurants, that the customer is always unhappy, just removed the account and did not convince. Even in a small segment of the consumer spoiled us.
In the period of the competition, we have taught our customers to demand more than he is willing to pay. In view of the fact that we are fighting for the consumer. Our clients are eager to pay in Europe 3.5 euros for a sandwich and Panini on the motorway Milan – Rome, take PROSECO for 10 euros of unknown origin, even for 10 euros something there, and I think that this is the most lovely lunch in their lives. We are order the pasta with truffles, drink lovely parello, pay $ 15 and outraged.
Mentality: everything at the gas station, well I was trying to make a point for 15 dollars. You don’t like the tat for 2.50? Drink “Chateau Margaux”… And this is also a problem. I believe that the restaurants of medium and high quality as coffee shops, in Ukraine often adequate, competitive properties. But in struggle for the client – we have taught them – and now with this fight.
We now have the right to justify your good service. The good news is, 5% of us are willing to pay more. Let’s hope that this market will increase (for example, in the United States – 44 %).

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