The Deputy of a regional Council of the Dnieper caught on a bribe in 12 thousand dollars


The Prosecutor’s office suspects of extortion and receiving a bribe of the Deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Council from “Dill” Tatiana Yurevich.

Reported by the Military Prosecutor of the southern region.

“The pretrial investigation established that the Deputy of regional Council, who is also the founder and Director of “Expert Groups” in the spring of 2018 has already received from the citizen because the first part of illegal benefit in the amount of $ 6,000. USA”, say police.

The MP allegedly took a bribe for influence on decisions and actions of officials of Derzeitiger, “namely, receiving an order for a land development project and further approval of this project.”

It is noted that September 10 was held a controlled transfer of the second part of a bribe – even $ 6,000. USA.

After this “criminal activity of the official is stopped by law enforcement officers.”

The Prosecutor calls the name of the suspect. However, the founder and Director of “Expert Groups” and the Deputy of a regional Council is Yurevich Tatiana.

She is a member of the Commission for communal property, housing and communal services.

Tatiana Yurevich

Now the Prosecutor’s office decides on the detention of the accused, the planned message of suspicion and prepares the petition in court about election of a preventive measure.

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