The court arrested the head of “RIA Novosti Ukraine”


Kherson city court arrested 2 months of the head, “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky, a suspect of treason.

This decision was made by the judge Jaroslav Muslewski.

“The petition of the Prosecutor to satisfy. To elect a measure of restraint detention without determining the amount of bail until July 13, “said the judge.

judge Jaroslav Muslewski

The Prosecutor requested the arrest Wyszynski, arguing that the election of a preventive measure head, “RIA Novosti Ukraine” can distort or destroy evidence or abscond.

He said that Wyszynski has two passports – a Ukrainian citizen and a citizen of Russia, and read out the names of Pro-Russian articles on the website “RIA Novosti Ukraine”.

The Prosecutor insisted that the measure of restraint in the form of personal liability, guarantee or collateral may not be elected for persons suspected of high treason.

Vyshinsky at the trial sought to speak in Russian.

He admitted to having a Russian passport.

“I have two passports – Ukrainian and Russian,” – said the head of “RIA Novosti Ukraine”.

From Wyszynski has a Russian passport,

On the judge’s question, are there any circumstances that the court should consider when remand, Vyshinsky said, “I’m married and love my wife. It’s important to me and apparently important to the case.”

But the case against him was called “the pressure on freedom of speech in Ukraine”.

He also insisted that the photos of the articles from the site, “RIA Novosti Ukraine”, which was shown in court, are not editorial opinion, because placed in category view and all have of its author.

“We clearly declared to the reader that this is not editorial opinion,” said Vyshinsky.

He also insisted that his publication had no complaints about the violation of journalistic standards over the 4 years of its work.

“I have 4 years of lead “RIA Novosti Ukraine”. In all that time there were only two comments from our colleagues to our work. One of them was a reprint from another publication,” said Vyshinsky.

Vyshinsky with the defenders

Defenders of Vyshinsky insisted on the election of any other measure, but not detention.

“I ask to refuse satisfaction of the petition for election measures of restraint in form of detention and to choose another measure of restraint. It can be round-the-clock house arrest with wearing the bracelet,” said the lawyer Vyshinsky Andrey Domansky.

The defense has said it will appeal the decision.

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