“The Concorde the Capital” applied for the purchase of 25% shares of “DTEK Zakhidenergo”


Investment company “the Concorde the Capital” was one of the contenders for the purchase of 25% shares of PJSC “DTEK Zakhidenergo” during the auction of the state property Fund (SPF) on August 18, reported the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the head of the group Igor Mazepa.

“Yes, we claimed. After the announcement of the auctions of the state property Fund (the privatization of a blocking stake in eight power companies – Interfax) we contacted the funds that have invested or are investing in the Ukrainian stock market. To say that they have shown considerable interest in put up for auctions share packages would be an exaggeration. However, we received a firm bid from one of the Fund – portfolio of the investor”, – he said.

I. Mazepa added that “the Concorde the Capital” does not exclude its participation in other future planned, the auctions of the state property Fund.

“I can’t definitely confirm participation in other competitions. We we analyze, negotiate with the funds. I can say that the assets are now being exhibited at bargain prices. For example, very attractive for investors look power companies, if in Ukraine will be implemented the proposed model of the incentive tariff setting (RAB-tariff). No less interesting power generating companies, which today was held the auction – “Kyivenergo” and “DTEK Zakhidenergo”. If you look at the cost, the ratio of capitalisation to installed capacity, they are very low in comparison with corresponding indicators, power generating companies in Eastern Europe. The problem of investor sentiment towards Ukraine and the problem of the status of minority shareholders, I hope, will soon be exhausted, then, after a few years, we will regret that decided not to invest right now,” said the head of “Concord Capital”.

Meanwhile, Ivan Mazepa added that the group planned to participate in the auction for the sale of 25% shares of “Sumyoblenergo”, however, technically do not have time to fix the application.

In General, Ivan Mazepa said that the auctions were announced in the very short time – less than a month prior to the event. Also now the holiday season and many investors are on holiday. All this, according to him, weakened the interest in privatization.

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