The city Council will return to the return of the parcel to the Postal community capital


On April 19 the city Council will again try to address the issue of the return of the parcel at the Postal square of the capital community.

Reports about it “Honestly”.

On the eve of the April 17 statement of the author of the draft decision on the termination of the investment agreement with the developer Sergey gusovsky was interrupted, and the meeting closed.

According to the Chairman of the faction “Freedom” Yuri Sirotyuk, a conflict arose because of the business interests of the former head of public Affairs during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych Andriy Kravets.

“He nominally remains the owner of many objects, for example, a movie theater “Zoryany”, Gostiniy Dvor. I think that the parliamentary majority will find a purely formal excuse not to vote,” he said.

At the same time, the head of OO “pochayna” Anabella Morin argues that the Kyiv authorities are trying to neutralize a historical theme and translate it to another plane to build on the Mailbox shopping centre.

“The government undertook to prove that the Museum, first, do not have to do at the Postal square – all you can dig it up and move to another place, for example, in Gostiny Dvor. And, secondly, nothing historic here did not find – all the stories about the old days up activists”, she said.

April 17, during the discussion of the draft decision, the activists demanded urgent consideration. However, the Secretary of city Council Vladimir Prokopov said that the activists interfere with the work and moved the meeting on Thursday, April 19.

Draft decision gusovsky provides for the transfer of the land and of the unfinished object “the Museum of history of Kyiv”, the archaeological research enterprise “Centre of archaeology Kyiv Institute of archaeology NAS of Ukraine” and the subsequent creation of the Museum project, which will win the international competition.

In February 2015, during excavations at the Postal square, archaeologists at great depths found part of medieval Kiev.

After that, the culture Minister said that the developer with the Postal square will have to change the project.

March 12 at the excavations of the ancient street of Kiev, there was a collapse of soil, and the archaeologists stopped work.

In April, an ancient street found at the construction site of a shopping center at the Postal square, filled with earth. This decision was made by the working group under the Ministry of culture to strengthen the excavation and to protect it from rain and sun.

Subsequently, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has assured that the archaeological discovery at the hem will be saved.

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