The circus tour starts: Ukrainians reacted to the new presidential candidate


Recently, in Ukraine almost every day there are new presidential candidates

So, Maydan arrow Ivan Bell was nominated for the post of President of Ukraine.

Delegates meeting in the Czech capital of the First Ukrainian National Congress (PNUK) put forward a suspect in the murder of two employees of special forces “Berkut” by Ivan Bell the candidate in presidents of Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of PNUK.

Bell passed the primaries and won the other 11 candidates.

PNUK members called on “all anti-oligarchic power, political parties and movements, public associations and individual citizens to unite around a candidate, nominated through a transparent and democratic procedure for the First National Ukrainian Congress.”

Formerly known Ukrainian singer and composer Ivo Bobul declared that he will run for President of Ukraine in the upcoming presidential election. He stated in the television broadcast.

According to him, he begins to collect money for the election campaign. “I need to talk to trump, to go to the States and ask for his help. I think it will help because we have common views with him!” – said the singer.

As evidenced by exclusive comments Politeka, many Ukrainians are tired of this parade of candidates.

“If Baba Paraska still alive, then the best candidate not found”, “not Yet started the campaign, there is no registration of candidates. Nonsense for idiots”, “Bobul no competition,” write Internet users.

Many Ukrainians speak about the upcoming elections in a more severe form, criticizing the newly candidates.

“That’s just the Bells was not enough for complete happiness”, “What country, such and presidential candidates”, “we already had Bobul and no-one,” “the Circus tour begins”, “What other scandalous Baba Paraska claims to the throne?”, “What is the throne? The cuckoo’s nest” — note the users.

Recall the famous Ukrainian MP Mustafa Nayyem has hinted that he intends to run for President in the next elections.

He said this on his page in the social network.

“Talk without notes. Here I read an interview with Francis girl fighting at UE. The question that you did, if you were a 30-year-old Ukrainian, he says that if he had the chance, he would have organized people to win elections. The question is simple as a door: what to do? We will watch?”, — said the MP.

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