The cash dollar exchange rate has grown to 28 UAH


In half a day on 16 August, the dollar rose by 10 kopecks and reached to 27.75-of 27.85 UAH./$, writes

The minimum value does not fall below 27,70$./$: it put a few small banks. A maximum price tag of the sale reached the banks 27,99$./ $ (PRAVEX-Bank) and non-Bank exchange offices – 28,0 UAH./

Thus redeemed in the currency in people in the broad framework of 26.90-of 27.77 UAH./

Cash prices are moving in the interbank, where at the opening of trading quotes up by 5 cents – to 27.61-27,63 UAH./$, and then jumped from 22 cents.

Morning, some treasurers unofficially recognized speculative adherence exporters of foreign exchange earnings. In the calculation of the exchange game and the appreciation of the currency.

At the start of trading the national Bank has not declared the sales of the dollar, however, after a couple of times appeared in the Matching and selling currency on of 27.66-27,68 UAH./ According to various estimates, collectively realized approximately $20 million.

Note, national Bank 16

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