The Cabinet has expanded its fleet of luxury cars, despite their own ban


The base of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine last year added 19 cars, which is contrary to the government decree, which prohibits the acquisition of state power bodies of cars.

In response to a query of journalists research Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers announced that in 2016, the balance sheet of the Company Economic-financial Department of Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers was 117 cars.

And as of 31.12.2017 the car fleet increased by 19 cars. Updates include ten Scoda Superb and five Hyundai Hybrid. The fleet of the Cabinet of Ministers has increased, despite the fact that at the end of 2016, the government adopted a resolution in which the first item measures for effective and efficient use of public funds indicates “the termination of the acquisition of cars”.

Only the fleets of the Cabinet, Parliament and Governance matters this year, the budget provides more than 326 million UAH, which is 90 million more spending in 2017.

Hyundai Hybrid

Scoda Superb

We will remind, the Deputy Chairman of the KSCA on transport infrastructure Dmitry Davtyan got a SUV worth almost $ 100 000.

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