The Cabinet gave the go-ahead to officials on the chic life


Despite the demands of the IMF, Ukrainian officials had the opportunity to spend a “space” amount on the purchase of cars and other luxury items.

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers has increased the boundary of the sum of the costs of acquiring things such officials and employees of government agencies.

In particular, in the accompanying documents to the draft resolution indicates that the marginal cost of acquiring cars for the members of the Cabinet, the head of the presidential Administration increase from UAH 0.5 million to UAH 1.2 million.

The same boundary the amount of the draft resolution establishes for the purchase of cars for the Secretary of the NSDC, heads of the national Council on television and radio, the Central election Commission, accounting chamber and the constitutional court, the attorney General, the Director of the NABOO and heads of several other agencies. Bounding sums for the purchase of service cars for officials-up apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada and the Secretariat of the Cabinet increased from 0.25 to 0.9 million UAH million UAH.

Also, the decision boundary increases the costs of television and radio equipment, equipment for the offices with UAH 5 thousand to 25 thousand UAH.

However, in the expert opinion to the draft decree States that the implementation of such provisions can affect the growth of expenditure on the maintenance of state power that does not meet the recommendations of the IMF.

“In accordance with the IMF estimate of the current state and prospects of economic development of Ukraine, significant risks are too rapid increase in recurrent expenditure, the rate exceeding the nominal growth of the economy, so Ukraine is recommended to ensure control of current expenditure”, — stated in comments to the document.


Crimes in the sphere of entrepreneurship will engage the National Bureau of financial security (NBPB). A bill on its establishment was announced by the Head of the parliamentary Committee on taxation and customs policy of the Verkhovna Rada Nina Southerner from “Blok Petro Poroshenko”. This body will replace the tax police.

“This creation we are completely cut off without exception, all other power structures from the “pasture” where they have decades of “milking” the Ukrainian business…taxes will only deal with this office. A new generation of entrepreneurs will not know what is the tax police or the Inquisition,” — said the head of state.

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