The Cabinet approved the celebratory program on Constitution Day


The government of Ukraine approved the plan of measures of celebrating of the 22nd anniversary of the Constitution.

The order was taken at a Cabinet meeting, Ukrainian news reported on Wednesday, June 13.

The plan provides for the holding of solemn events with participation of representatives of Executive authorities, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, local governments, and the General public on June 28 in Kyiv and other settlements.

There are laying flowers to the monument to the author of the first Ukrainian Constitution Hetman Pylyp Orlyk in Kiev, in other settlements – to the monuments and memorials to prominent figures of the state.

In military units, cultural institutions, institutions for children and youth provided for conducting informational, educational, Patriotic and educational activities aimed at the clarification of the Constitution of Ukraine the adoption of a legal state, the formation of legal culture, raising civic awareness and respect for the Basic law.

Provides the holding in Kyiv the scientific-practical conference on improving the constitutional regulation of public relations in Ukraine with the participation of the Constitutional Commission, as well as thematic conferences and round tables in the regions.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs is mandated to ensure the holding of foreign dipuchrezhdeny festive events with participation of Ukrainian companies abroad.

Also, the Ministry of interior and the National police must ensure the protection of public order and road traffic safety in venues of festive events.

The state Committee for television and radio along with National public broadcasting company (NOTE) is mandated to promote the widespread coverage in the media festivities.

Recall, the first edition of the Constitution of Ukraine was adopted on 28 June 1996. The adoption of the Constitution consolidated legal foundations of the independent Ukrainian state, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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