Soon the concerts will not go into virtual reality – Maxim Plahtiy


Maxim Plahtiy: my first job was my own business. I have always sought to create their own business. First it was the occasional orders to create a website, marketing mailings and digital. At that time there were no such concepts, but, in fact, I did exactly that. Then there was a company developing software and consulting in the field of CRM.

“Karabas” became a particular point of a new development. During 2008 crisis I had to close my company, because all the Ukrainian customers have become insolvent, and for the maintenance of company and team need considerable means. For some time we had enough reserves, but they, too, ended. And I was wondering where I can apply my knowledge in the IT and marketing. Thus was born the idea to create an infrastructure where all organizers of events ticket sellers — could work in a unified ticketing field.

This was an innovation in Ukraine, as Karabas completely changed the logistics of the relationship on the ticket market. Today, tickets are available in 38 thousand points of sale. Of course, not all points belong to the company, basically it is affiliate contracts, Bank branches of “Oschadbank” and “PrivatBank”. In any branch of these banks, the purchaser may purchase a ticket.

In addition, the situation has changed for the organizers — small players of the market has access to a shared resource, and now they can not compete in terms of a “who has more” Dating, but from the perspective of marketing and consumer service. When Carabassa took a leadership position in the market, we decided to focus not only on the development of the company itself, but also on the development of the market we’re constantly looking for innovation.

I do not think that fundamental changes will take place. Artists, fans, music, theater… All of this is based on the energy contact, which cannot be replaced by technical means. Maybe in the future something will change, but for now everything will remain as it is. Of course, the show will become more interesting, music more mixes, styles will be mixed… But all this influences tactical nature, which are constantly changing, and predict that it probably will not work.

The only thing we can say with full confidence that in the near future concerts will not go into virtual reality. It is unlikely that the tickets for this concert will be in demand, may be because digital content is now available in any amount and are free and possible because people still want a live conversation with the artist.

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