Social payments to working pensioners will not be cancelled

As noted in the Department, working pensioners to save the payments there is no need to choose between pension and salary.

“The social policy Ministry officially informs that the specified information is not true. The pension reform does not provide for the necessity of choosing between a pension and a salary for working pensioners. On the contrary, precisely in order to end the discrimination against working pensioners, and was held in pension reform”, – said the Agency.

The Ministry added that neither the government nor the Agency does not intend to limit the rights of pensioners who work.

At the same time, introduced from October 2017 the rate of 15-percent reduction in pension benefits for working pensioners abolished.

In early March of 2018, the Ministry of social policy within the framework of the pension reform announced plans to introduce legislative changes to ensure that during the calculation of pensions, the role of experience was more significant than the role of wages, thereby increasing the amount of pension payments for men with more seniority and a small salary.

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