Sergey Shakhov has identified the main task of the Verkhovna Rada


The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Shakhov requires an immediate report of the management of “Naftogaz” of Ukraine in front of Parliament

This was one of the leaders of the political force “Our land”, said today, June 19, from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada during the discussion of the bill on the Ukrainian cultural Fund.

“In the morning we are considering the bills on the culture. Culture is very important for our state. But when musicians, artists, employees of museums in winter freeze to the beds, their rescuers literally tear off with meat and taken to the morgue, it is not in any frame does not climb,” said Shahi.

“People have nothing to eat. Teachers who received three degrees, standing with outstretched hands and ask for help on a piece of bread, standing under pharmacies. They say: first of all, feed the people”, — stated the MP.

Shahi reminded, at the same time, the leadership of “Naftogaz” itself has accrued 1.5 billion of premiums for the victory is not over the trial of “Gazprom”. While some of these funds top managers of “Naftogaz” has received and transferred to their foreign accounts.

“Our land” requires that COBOL Thursday (June 21 — ed.) said, what happened to the 1.5 billion UAH of premiums. “Our land” requires you to pay attention to the 60% increase in gas prices. We demand that all the factions came to the Afghans and Chernobyl and explained why we do not count them privileges. Why the Cabinet is hiding behind our backs and could not give a normal social assistance to Afghans and Chernobyl veterans”, — the MP appealed to his colleagues.

Shah also recalled the problems of the miners, the debt to which wage is UAH 400 million.

“I have a waiting room of a miner’s family asked: here we are taking coal from America, Africa, and Russia. But our miners can’t support?”, — asked the Deputy.

“Culture should be maintained, and “Our land” would vote for a bill to the Ukrainian cultural Fund, but first we need to feed the Ukrainian people”, — summarized Sergey Shakhov.

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