Sentsov taken to the intensive care unit


Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov who is on hunger strike in a Russian prison since may 14, on Friday was taken to the intensive care unit.

Now he is in the infirmary of the colony, to stop the hunger strike is going. This was told by the sister of the prisoner Natalia Kaplan reports the Crimea.Realities.

“About the health of Oleg Sentsov yet unknown, at the end of the week it will go to the lawyer, and it would be something more understandable,” she said.

Natalia Kaplan reports that on Friday, June 8, on the 26th day of hunger strike, Sentsov was taken to intensive care, now he continues his hunger strike in the infirmary.

“It is unknown, used force-feeding as threatened. Oleg on health did not tell me anything. Not going to give up, is not going to die, but to depart from the starvation conditions,” says Natalie Kaplan.

Recall that Sentsov 14 may declared an indefinite hunger strike demanding the release of all Ukrainian prisoners in Russia.

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