SBU was interested in the Deputy’s statement “I will not sit down”


Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the “will of the people” Alexander Ponomarev still answer for his scandalous antics on the sidelines of the Parliament.

AK said the speaker of the Metropolitan prosecutors Hope maksimets, the data entered in the Unified register of pretrial investigations under part 1 of article 171.

This information was also confirmed by the speaker of the General Prosecutor Larisa Sargan.

Interestingly, pre-trial investigation is entrusted to investigators of the security Service of Ukraine, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office to conduct supervision in the form of procedural guidance.

As previously reported, Ponomarev in the Parliament took smartphones from a number of journalists and tried them to leave. The incident occurred after a public quarrel Ponomarev and Sergei Sobolev, who accused him of involvement in the sabotage of the army.

Journalists, after witnessing the quarrel, tried to record it on mobile, but Ponomariov drew his gadgets, saying that this is a private conversation, and they peep. He also told reporters: “I will not sit, do not worry. You will sit. Will answer”. To return the phone failed only after a verbal altercation.

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