SAP and NAB test the involvement of Trukhanova a criminal gang


Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office is verifying information about the involvement of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov to a criminal group, illicit enrichment and possession of real estate in London, as previously reported in the media.

This “Ukrainian truth” said the Prosecutor Valentin Musiyaka.

“And I, as the Prosecutor, and the detectives got acquainted with the materials of the journalistic investigation. Certainly they are handled and the limits of the competence will be tested in the pre-trial investigation of the criminal case”, – said the Prosecutor.

According to him, the authors of investigations have already been sent requests for relevant primary sources or other materials that were the reason for investigation and publication.

“Measures are being taken to verify these facts in the proper procedural way. The results then will be made a procedural decision about a specific property,” said Musiyaka.

“If the facts are confirmed, the property belongs to the suspect, it will be taken in accordance with article 170 of the criminal procedure code (seizure of property)”.

He also added that if there are grounds for believing that there were facts of illicit enrichment or other crimes, the decisions will be made on them.

In turn, the National anti-corruption Bureau also confirmed that detectives are studying the published material about the alleged presence of the mayor of Odessa real estate in the UK and on April 24 asked the authors to provide detectives with any additional information for further study.

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