Salary Poltorak increased by tens of thousands of hryvnia


The wages of the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak for March was 68.2 thousand.

This is stated in the reply of the Ministry of defence.

In particular, cash collateral of the Minister made 68 160 hryvnia, including 16 thousand hryvnias — salary and 1 760. — the salary for the title.

Financial assistance to the Minister in March did not accrue and were not paid. Note that in February Poltorak earned 46.6 thousand hryvnia.

The salary of the first Deputy Minister Ivan Rusnak was 40.1 thousand hryvnias, the Deputy, Igor Pavlovsky — 40,1 thousand hryvnia, Oleg Shevchuk — 40,1 thousand hryvnia, Anatoly Petrenko — 40,1 thousand hryvnia, and Secretary of state Alexander Dubliany — 35, 9 thousand hryvnias.

According to the income Declaration, the Minister has received 645 thousand UAH wages and 192 thousand UAH fees from the Kharkiv city Council. In addition, another 114 thousand UAH amounted to a percentage of the contribution of “Oshchadbank”.

Cash Poltorak stores 306 thousand UAH 62 thousand dollars. On his Bank accounts is 697 thousand UAH, and almost 21 thousand dollars.

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