Saakashvili revealed his presidential ambitions


The ex-President of Georgia and leader of the Ukrainian movement “Rukh novih forces,” Saakashvili made a statement about his presidential ambitions

The politician said he was not going to participate in presidential elections either Georgia or Ukraine. He reported about it in interview to one of TV channels.

“No, I will not run nor for the Georgian President, nor the President of Ukraine. But I think Georgia and Ukraine to shake off the oligarchs. I think there’s a reason the oligarchs in Ukraine and Georgia to be afraid of me. I do not sell, not buy, do not surrender in front of them, not afraid of them and I will continue to run down, because I love these countries”, – Saakashvili said.

According to him, Georgia and Ukraine have “a great future”.

“Including through direct people’s democracy, through the use of new technologies. There is no need to seek new leaders, new Messiahs. Just need to use all that is modern, to make the leap into the future”, – the politician noted.

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