Ryanair plans to establish in Ukraine a company to create IT products


The office of the National investment Council held talks with the leadership of the “Ryanair” on the establishment in Ukraine of a company that will develop IT products for the low-cost airline.

This was stated by the head of the office of the National investment Council Yulia Kovaliv Radio NV, the Centre of transport strategies.

“One of the ideas that we have discussed with the management of Ryanair is actually to establish in Ukraine an internal company that develops low-cost airline for all IT-products,” she said.

Koval also noted that the office of Kazinvestcapital intends to discuss with “Ryanair” approach to the market of domestic passenger transport, because in Ukraine there are 20 domestic airports.

“If we’re talking about a lowcost entry into the country, then, again, the important level of airport charges, but all companies understand this: the cheaper the ticket, the quicker airlines will be competitive,” she said.

Kovaliv added that none of the companies does not require direct financial injections or subsidies, but for the carrier it is important that the airport was of good quality.

Earlier it was reported that Ryanair intends to create in Ukraine own data center for storing and processing data, and work here will be the Ukrainian IT-specialists.

Experience of cooperation with the Ukrainians in this area, the airline already has in Poland.

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