Revealed an unexpected marriage of Lyashko


The head of the Radical party of Oleh Liashko made the announcement about the impending wedding.

On his page on Facebook he posted a video in which talks about the fact that on 2 June he officially signs with his common-law wife Rositas Sirainen.

However, experts believe that the wedding Lyashko is nothing more than a publicity stunt in view of the upcoming elections.

“From the point of view of political technologies, Lyashko has a weakness – allegations of sexual orientation, which is negative for its specific electorate living in rural areas and in small towns. Realizing this, the strategists of radicals decided to play in advance and to make a solemn marriage Lyashko. And then a whole year to disperse actively via the media, this fact”, – says political analyst Dmitry Korneychuk.

It is noted that the purpose of the wedding is to refute all claims of homosexual.

“Lyashko is trying to further the accusation ricocheted in his sexual orientation. The case goes to the election, and this image is played against him. Where his opponents have brought to the villagers that he was gay, his rating is much lower than where this “glory” has not yet dispersed among the people. Wedding is an attempt to kill the possible further emergence of “non-traditional” compromising evidence on Lyashko”, – said political analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

I agree with this opinion and sociologist Viktor Nebozhenko. He’s sure to marry now Lyashko advised the image-makers.

“No matter on whom Lyashko married – on Rocinante or Rosita. Image-makers just advise him to start a family before the presidential election. He must appear respectable man, who has a wife and mother-in-law. I do not even exclude that the cities and villages with him will go not a wife, a mother-in-law. It may please his electorate. This is an attempt to draw a black to white PR, but too many MPs, politicians and influential people just know his background and, from time to time, will it spread in the media. I think we have a lot of new and interesting things,” he says.

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